Started Running but hit a Shin Splint Shaped Brickwall?

There’s no greater Mojo killer for a new runner (or someone trying to get back into it) than just starting to build up a nice head of steam and BANG your body lets you down.  Shin Splints can take several forms but are often caused by the muscles swelling or inflammation pushing against the bones in your legs. The good news is that this will usually subside after 1-2 weeks of rest, but the bad news is that often they can return again on the next run and, besides, you’re not going to progress far running once every two weeks. So… here’s eight tips to try and prevent them happening in the first place:

  • Be Patient – Build up distance/time/speed gradually. Try and resist the temptation to become a distance runner overnight and break all your friends records. Your body will kick back. Set yourself a target (usually don’t build up more than 10% per week) and let your body adjust.
  • Invest - in quality, supportive footwear.
  • Reduce your initial frequency of running. At least don’t run consecutive nights – if you want to keep going then try non-impact equipment like elliptical trainers, rowing or even cycling in between runs to keep your cardio going but to give your legs a break from the intensity.
  • Got Flat Feet or Low Arches? - Wear Orthotic Insoles.
  • Stretch - Calves/Lower Leg before/after running. Include Heel & Toe Raises.
  • Improve lower leg strength in the gym.
  • Vary your stride.
  • Reduce Impact level – Try Grass/Track before roads.
  • Try Massaging your calf after a run.

If you do feel it kicking in mid session then don’t be afraid to stop and comprehensively stretch your calves/lower leg before trying again. If that doesn’t help then stop running immediately.


And if you’ve already been struck down? Shin Splints often react well to RICE (Rest, Icing, Compression & Elevation), so in the first instance try some Ice Packs, Massage and good old fashioned rest. Let them die down and then seriously think about implementing a few of the above tricks before heading back to the roads.


Yes, it’s frustrating… and it’s a complete momentum killer …BUT unless there is an underlying issue then in time you will get through it. Be patient and keep focussed on those Longer Term goals.


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The Benefits of Interval Training...

Build your tank like a Pro! It's not just for weightloss. If you want to boost your Stamina & Endurance then try Interval Training…

Interval training is when you vary the speed of your running in short bursts. They are usually short bursts at speed - really intense efforts - followed by slightly longer recovery times at lower speeds. For example, maybe jog for two minutes and then sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds....then jog for another two minutes (and repeat). But make sure you hold out for the full 30 seconds, no cheating! If you're street running maybe even use lamp posts as a guide - sprint for the next five lamp posts maybe?! You get the point.

The stop and start nature means your body trains itself to recover quicker between these bursts, in preparation for the next one. Over time this increases your ability to run FASTER for LONGER. (and also makes you sweat a whole lot more!)

Interval training can also help take your mind off the distance you're covering and really improve motivation while make the run more interesting. You will burn carbs during the exertion phase and fat during the recovery, giving a really well balanced result. The bursts of speed really raise your heart rate temporarily. As you build up you will see improvements to your STAMINA, your ENDURANCE, your SPEED ...and eventually your Personal Bests!

Finally - It's thought that training in this way also leads to your body burning more calories even AFTER you've finished working out, and for some time after, actually!

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Bicep 21's - It burns, but it's worth it!

Vary your Bicep routine by trying Bicep 21s for a month ...and you WILL know you've done it!

Per Set:
1) Do 7 reps of Half range Bicep Curls - so, only going halfway DOWN (Chin to Stomach).
2) Without pausing, then do 7 partial reps only coming halfway UP (Hip to Chest).
3) Finish your set pushing out 7 FULL RANGE Bicep Curls, (Hip to Chin).
Total: 21 reps... Do 3 Sets of the above (One minute rests inbetween)

If you finish all Three sets without a MAJOR burn then increase it next time!

Option 1: BIG Bicep builder
Option 2: Use low weights to tone

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